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Wedding Photo Lauterbrunnen August 2

Wedding Photo Lauterbrunnen August 2


Deposit for Dayana Parvulova

Adventure package 

  • By paying the deposit, you indicate that you agree with the following. if you disagree with any point, please write to me so that we can discuss it beforehand. once the deposit is paid, it indicates that you agree with the following.


    The provided photographs are exclusively intended to be shared within the private sphere of the family circle, including family members and guests, as well as on social media. No use will be permitted on physical media (magazines, press, etc.) or virtual media (commercial websites, transfer of rights to third parties) without the prior consent of the photographer.


    In the event of cancellation by the future spouses less than 20 days before the wedding date, the deposit paid will not be refunded, except in the case of cancellation due to illness or other exceptional circumstances deemed valid by the photographer. In the case of force majeure preventing the photographer from performing the agreed service, the photographer agrees to immediately inform the couple, refund the deposit already paid, and do their best to propose a replacement, while ensuring financial conditions as close as possible to those initially agreed upon. Although the photographer strives to maintain the quality of service, material damages may occur on the wedding day. In such situations, the photographer will take all necessary measures to mitigate the consequences. However, they cannot be held responsible for events beyond their control, such as natural disasters, serious accidents, or other force majeure situations.


    In the case of a religious ceremony, it is the responsibility of the future spouses to obtain prior agreement from the authority in charge of the ceremony. In the event of refusal, the photographer cannot be held responsible for the inability to perform their duties during this part of the ceremony. The photographer firmly commits to performing their duties discreetly, without disrupting the ceremony and ensuring not to cause any inconvenience to the family and guests. It should be noted that the photographer cannot be held responsible for the final aesthetic choices. Photography is influenced by factors such as weather conditions, lighting, decoration, and the atmosphere of the locations, which can impact the final result regardless of the photographer's intentions.

    3.1 WEATHER

    In the event of weather conditions preventing the normal course of photo shoots, particularly during portrait sessions, an alternative solution will be sought where possible. Clients acknowledge that unfavorable weather conditions can partially or entirely affect the result and quality of the photos. Consequently, the photographer's responsibility cannot be engaged in such circumstances.


    At any time, clients have the option to upgrade to a higher package, but downgrading is not permitted.


    Any claim must be made in writing via a registered letter within 7 days following the date of the service or delivery of the disputed product, with the postmark serving as proof. In the event of a dispute, both parties first agree to seek an amicable solution by mutual agreement. If no resolution is found in this manner, the parties agree to resort to mediation to attempt to resolve the dispute.

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