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Oschinensee lake elopement in the Swiss Alps | Léa & Romain

Updated: Jan 8

Step into a world of pure romance as we share the enchanting tale of Léa and Romain's intimate elopement at the mesmerizing Oschinensee Lake in the Swiss Alps. Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes, this real-life couple's love story unfolded in a picturesque setting that perfectly mirrored the depth of their connection.

Dress from located in Bremblens, Switzerland

Handmade flower bow tie from

Papeterie made by me <3

Thanks to Léa&Romain for their love

Against the backdrop of the tranquil Swiss lake, the couple's genuine emotions and shared moments were captured in a captivating style shoot that beautifully encapsulates the essence of their love.

The Oschinensee Lake, with its crystal-clear waters and majestic mountains, served as a poetic backdrop, enhancing the intimacy of the celebration. The serene atmosphere allowed Léa and Romain to immerse themselves in the beauty of the moment, creating memories that would last a lifetime. I loved the small detail like the way the sun made the dress even more beautiful, the flower bow tie, the flowers,..

The Swiss lake became more than just a setting; it became a silent witness to a love story that unfolded with grace and authenticity.

As you journey through the images and moments captured during Léa and Romain's elopement, you'll be transported to a world where love reigns supreme, and nature becomes a canvas for a celebration of togetherness. Join us in savoring the magic of this intimate affair, where two souls found solace and joy in each other's company amidst the serene beauty of the Oschinensee Lake.

One of my favorite place to elope in Switzerland <3

Thank you for coming by.

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