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Couple cute session in Grindelwald Swiss Alps mountain photography
Engagement couple shooting intimacy session swiss mountain alps
Redwood tree vibe couple session swiss mountain couple photography
Storytelling engagement photography session swiss mountain motion blur
Engagement session photography storytelling swiss mountains

You deserve those Pinterest-worthy images, where reveries take flight, and you and your partner become the stars. Take this moment to immortalize a fragment of your love story, preserving it in eternal splendor.

For one enchanted day, let life be a poetic symphony, and you live

your Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy moment, running and kissing in the middle of a field. 

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Freezing  Time  with our lenses, preserving your unique love story.

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“I opened the message a while ago, but I've been waiting for Martin until now to see them together. They couldn't be nicer! They are a great reflection of how much fun we had and how comfortable you made everything. Really, thank you so much, we loved the process of making them, the little while of the session...and we loved the result!!!!”

- Violeta

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Adventurous package

We take our time wandering around, and as soon as we find a place you like,

we stop to take photos. The idea is to go to several locations  to vary the views.

you choose a location you love in Switzerland (mountain, forest, lake,...!)

5 sneak peeks of the day within 48 hours

entire online gallery of at least 150 high-res images

(basically I retouch all the good pics)

day planning and location scouting if wanted

starting at  550chf

Romantic engagement photo captured in the breathtaking Swiss mountains, showcasing the couple's love amidst stunning natural beauty.

Simple couple package

1 hour / 1h30 of coverage

2 outfits / 2 locations

2/3 sneak peeks of the day within 48 hours

30 edited picture that you choose

30km around Lausanne (or 0.7cts per additional km)

300 chf

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